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How to Find the Right Business Opportunity for You May 18, 2009

A bit of information for you!

A bit of information for you!

Times are tough for many right now.  You may have been laid off or fired from your current job.  Your company may have closed or cut your hours.  Your friends and relatives might be out of work or struggling.  You may be trying to save for retirement or college for your kids.  There are as many reasons for wanting to work for yourself and be your own boss as there are opportunities out there.  I’m going to outline a few steps for you to help you get started in finding a business opportunity that will suit you best.

Start with your interests.  Make a list of businesses you think you would like to own.  Face it, if it’s not a business you could see yourself enjoying, then you probably won’t stick with it once your initial enthusiasm wears off.  Do you like to work on your own or with people?  Do you want to work online from home or do you want to go to an office or other location?  Would you like to learn something new or utilize a skill-set you already posses?

Define your goals.  Do you want to work part-time or do you plan on dedicating yourself to your new business full-time.  Do you intend to earn a six-figure income or are you interested in making a little extra cash.  Do you have money to invest or will you be working on a shoestring budget?  Will you have large chunks of time you can dedicate to your new business or do you plan on working in small snippets of time, when you can?

Research, research, research.  Look for potential opportunities and ideas by utilizing search engines such as Google and Yahoo.  Talk to friends and neighbors, relatives and coworkers.  Network!  Make sure everyone within earshot of you knows you are open to listening to opportunities and are actively looking for a new venture to involve yourself in.  You never know who might have the inside scoop on something or have an idea that you haven’t thought of.  Talk to other business owners, especially those in fields you are considering.  Make sure to ask them about any hidden pitfalls, expenses or obstacles they’d with they’d known about when they were making their ownership decisions.

Be savvy.  Working for yourself is still working.  Owning a business is very fulfilling, but also a lot of pressure.  As someone once told me, “If you treat your business like a hobby, you will pay for it like a hobby.  If you treat it like a business, it will pay you like a business owner.”


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