Suzi Beech and Family

This blog is about my family and my trials and tribulations as a work-from-home mom of twins.

About May 11, 2009

Hi!  I’m Suzi.  I live in Portland, OR with my husband (Philip), kids (Ruby and Gus), cats (George and Yuji), dog (Nico) and Sea Monkeys (Bob, Bob, Bob…well, they’re all named Bob, it’s just easier that way).  I am addicted to caffeine.  My favorite things to do are hang out with my family and cook and eat good food.  I love reading cookbooks and cooking magazines and watching cooking shows.  I have several “favorite” tv shows and am sad BSG has ended.  I love grocery shopping, which makes me kind of weird I guess.  I especially enjoy shopping at ethnic markets and am really into Korean food right now.  🙂


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