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Back to school…finally! September 14, 2009


I have to say that, although I love my children dearly, I could not wait for school to start again!  We had a wonderful summer full of parties, swimming, camps and vacations.  While all that togetherness was great, it was a LOT of togetherness!

I am lucky that I own my own business and can set my own schedule.  At the beginning of summer I tried to schedule work in the early mornings, late nights and when the kids weren’t home.  Just a few days into it and I was tired and crabby and realizing that they sure were home an awful lot!  After stressing myself out about what I wasn’t getting done, I rethought things.  I realized that this could be one of the last years they consider me cool enough to be seen with and fun to hang out with.  I decided, for better or worse,  to take most of the summer off and spend it with them while they’d still have me.  It went well, for the most part.  We had our battles of wills and our sibling clashes, but I don’t regret a minute of it!

Now that they’re back in school (big-time 3rd graders this year), I can get back into the swing of working again.  It’s really quiet a relief!  My mom used to tell me that going to work was easy, it was staying home that was hard.  I finally understand what she was talking about!

In the back-to-school spirit, I have also taken some classes on time management and productivity.   My first order of business is to set-up a daily schedule and block my time in 60 minute increments.  From there, I’m going to build it out into a weekly schedule.  I like order and predictability.  That’s just how I am.  I know there are people who prefer to fly by the seat of their pants, but not me.  So, I’m off to begin building my schedule for the hours between 8 and 2:30, Monday through Friday.  I’ll be sure to set aside blocks of time to keep my blog up to date, as well.  I know I have a lot of summer pictures and videos that you’re just dying to see, so I’ll get them all posted very soon!


I made it through Camp! August 3, 2009

Cub Scouts at campfire

Cub Scouts at campfire

Let me start by saying it has been one hectic month!  We went from the fun and games of the kids’ 8th birthday, straight into some new experiences for us.  The first was Gus’ first time at overnight camp.  He and his Cub Scout den went to a two-night, three-day camp called Cub World.  They had a blast.  He came home exhausted and missing a few shirts, but happy as a little lark.

Happy Cub Scout

Happy Cub Scout

My hat is really off to the adults who chaperoned.  I can only imagine what it was like to be in charge of those 11 young men.  The chaperones had to pitch and sleep in tents (on the ground, in the heat!!).  This alone, I fear, would’ve made me so grumpy that I would’ve been a not-so-patient Mommy helper. Good thing I didn’t go along!  I’m not really much of a camper.

Philip, Ruby and I drove out to the camp on the last day so Gus could give us a tour of the place and show us all the cool activities.  They boys got to sleep in a giant wooden teepee with built-in bunks where they could put their sleeping bags.  It was a cool structure, but in full sun and very hot.  They also happened to be near the end of the giant slip-and-slide the camp had set up.  This, apparently, led to some flooding issues.  The boys thought this was hysterical, the parents found it not so funny (especially when their own tents began flooding and had to be picked up and moved…).

There was a little “trading post” where the boys could buy inexpensive junk…I mean little treasures…which were scout with bow and arrowpromptly lost, eaten (candy!!), or broken.  We did have fun shooting bb’s, winging garbanzo beans with slingshots and trying to shoot with a bow and arrow.  The boys also did some leather working, whittling (earned their whittling chips and now can handle and own knives…or, at least, so say the Scouts, this mom’s not going for it!) and branding on wooden pieces.

We had only one night to go from Cub World onto our next first – Girl Scout day camp.  I was a week-long, full-time volunteer, which got me a discounted rate and meant Gus got to come along and be in the boys unit.  This was Ruby’s first year attending camp and we had been looking forward to it for a very long time.  Unfortunately, it

Camp - this-a-way

Camp - this-a-way

coincided with a record-breaking heatwave here in Oregon.  Even though it was hot, it was still lots of fun.

I am both happy and sad that our camps are over for the summer.  They were both fun experiences and definitely the stuff childhood memories are made of, but I’m happy to have my kids and “normal” life back!

I have pictures of both activities and will get them posted very soon.  I’m going to save telling all about Girl Scout camp for another post.


It’s only the 2nd day of summer vacation…really?! June 16, 2009

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Today is the second day of summer vacation.  OMG!  Two days in and I’m going a little crazy already.  I’m sure Philip and I will work out some kind of schedule…at least we’d better.  I only have one of my kids home right now (and he has a friend here, keeping him busy) but it feels like everytime I sit down with the computer, somebody needs something:  food, towel, band-aids, the dog needs out, the cat needs in… Oh, you’re thinking “what on Earth

Recording in progress

Recording in progress

are they doing over there!”  The boys are outside.  They were playing with water squirters and got soaked, so I threw some towels and a can of root beer out onto the patio, told them to stay outside until they were dry, grabbed my computer and headed upstairs.  I even made myself a home-made “keep out or else” kind of sign…Not two minutes after my sign was hung was there some yelling at the door.  “Band-aid, we need a band-aid.”  Really? Already?  You guys were just sitting there!  I got up to make sure Philip was on top of it and I wasn’t needed.  He was.  Phew.  Back to the computer.  About 15 minutes has passed.  Gus’ friend was picked up, right on time, by his mom.  Gus has knocked on the door (right next to my neat sign) twice already.  The first time I told him to read the sign and take any requests downstairs to his dad.  He said, “Ok.”  Not five minutes later, he was back, knocking at the door again.  Ah.  It was an urgent announcement that the towel his friend was using will be returned to me later.  That’s a relief!  It’s a good thing I’m not really recording anything!  Is it really only the second day of Summer vacation?


Nothing Says “Summer’s Here” Like the Ice Cream Truck! June 10, 2009

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1st ice cream truck visit of 2009

1st ice cream truck visit of 2009

That’s right…school’s not quite out here in our neighborhood, but already that familiar music came drifting down the street yesterday afternoon.  I find it very  interesting that kids can hear the ice cream truck music trinkling from blocks away, but not hear me when I’m standing right next to them (shouting their name, repeatedly…).  Anyway, I wanted to say hello to you, welcome to summer, welcome to ice cream trucks, days of swimming and watermelon, the beginning of new seasons and new possibilities. Enjoy your day!