Suzi Beech and Family

This blog is about my family and my trials and tribulations as a work-from-home mom of twins.

My new Beech Marketing blog! October 13, 2009

beech marketing - new media specialists

beech marketing - new media specialists

It’s here, it’s here, my new company blog is here!  It’s still a work in progress, it doesn’t actually have any content yet, but at least I’ve found a spare minute to get my logo on it!

Launching a new company is difficult.  It’s made even more difficult by the fact that I’ve been so swamped with work for others (paying customers, paying customers!!), that I haven’t had time to finish my own sites, marketing campaigns, videos, etc.  No worries, I know it will all get done in due time.  I’m so pleased to be busy, I certainly will not complain!

The new site is Beech Marketing Online and it will be full of information related to new media marketing, keyword research, search engine optimization (seo), video marketing and the like.  It’s a marketing business, so it’s only natural for me to fill the site with marketing information, right?

Visit the new site now so you will know how it all started.  In the not-too-distant future we’ll be able to look back and laugh at how barren and lonely it looked.  For now, at least, it’s a lovely place to hang my logo! =)


Back to school…finally! September 14, 2009


I have to say that, although I love my children dearly, I could not wait for school to start again!  We had a wonderful summer full of parties, swimming, camps and vacations.  While all that togetherness was great, it was a LOT of togetherness!

I am lucky that I own my own business and can set my own schedule.  At the beginning of summer I tried to schedule work in the early mornings, late nights and when the kids weren’t home.  Just a few days into it and I was tired and crabby and realizing that they sure were home an awful lot!  After stressing myself out about what I wasn’t getting done, I rethought things.  I realized that this could be one of the last years they consider me cool enough to be seen with and fun to hang out with.  I decided, for better or worse,  to take most of the summer off and spend it with them while they’d still have me.  It went well, for the most part.  We had our battles of wills and our sibling clashes, but I don’t regret a minute of it!

Now that they’re back in school (big-time 3rd graders this year), I can get back into the swing of working again.  It’s really quiet a relief!  My mom used to tell me that going to work was easy, it was staying home that was hard.  I finally understand what she was talking about!

In the back-to-school spirit, I have also taken some classes on time management and productivity.   My first order of business is to set-up a daily schedule and block my time in 60 minute increments.  From there, I’m going to build it out into a weekly schedule.  I like order and predictability.  That’s just how I am.  I know there are people who prefer to fly by the seat of their pants, but not me.  So, I’m off to begin building my schedule for the hours between 8 and 2:30, Monday through Friday.  I’ll be sure to set aside blocks of time to keep my blog up to date, as well.  I know I have a lot of summer pictures and videos that you’re just dying to see, so I’ll get them all posted very soon!